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Taking action on Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us: our homes, our communities, our economy and our environment. During Autumn, Spring and Summer of 2019-20, unprecedented bushfires swept across the nation, costing an estimated $100 billion. This year heavy rain caused massive flooding of our river systems, and killed almost two dozen people. The floods caused untold damage to New South Wales inland towns and agricultural regions and placed extraordinary personal and financial pressures on their residents. It is estimated they cost $9.6 billion, the fourth most costly global disaster in 2022.

Premier Perrottet has recently converted to a belief in climate change, but has done nothing to date to evaluate or plan for its impact. On 8 September 2022, the Commonwealth Parliament passed the Climate Change (Consequential Amendment) Act 2022, with a five step plan to work concurrently with community and self determination and a coherent framework across the Commonwealth, States and Territories. Our State Government has neither committed to the plan nor provided leadership for its citizens to contribute.

We need a government ready and willing to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world, with better aligned land, energy, economic and environmental policies, prepared to support and empower our communities. We have no more time to waste, we need a government with strong policies, backed by science, one prepared to take action, backed with legislation. The evidence is clear – only by tackling climate change, can we create a safer and more prosperous society.


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