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  • COST OF LIVING: I will monitor the impact of Government expenditure on the cost of living; circulating this information to Members of Parliament and the media. 

  • RESTORING INTEGRITY IN GOVERNMENT: In 2022, Parliament sat for just 43 days, minimising occasions for the Government to be called to account. I will work to restore Parliament’s role as law-maker; to ensure laws are made by the Members elected to represent of the people of New South Wales, not over deals in party backrooms.

  • REFORM OF PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT: I will table a Bill in Parliament to replace the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, with legislation that meets the demands of the 21st century. The Bill will redefine local government’s role in planning and  development, have a climate trigger on approvals, prohibit Ministers from using alternative approval processes, include penalties for undertaking emission intensive development without approval, and enforcement.

  • ACTION TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE: I will table a Bill to commit New South Wales to addressing climate change, that sets reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions for the State to achieve net zero by 2050; requires Treasury to develop a Climate Change Budget Paper; and Ministers to table an annual Climate Change Statement detailing action taken to mitigate its impact and their progress towards meeting State emission reduction targets.

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